No-Stress Distance Learning

No-Stress Distance Learning

A Stress-Free Way To Help Your Child With Distance Learning

Parenting is hard

But no one told you that you'd spend your days screaming at the kid you love, and nights regretting over how angry and raging you became.
 Even after giving your best effort day in and day out, you still end up feeling so sad, so helpless and so defeated.

You feel completely alone not knowing how to help your child grow into the amazing person you knew they could become.

Distance learning is making it even harder

  • Distance learning is frustrating
  • Your child can't stay focused in the zoom meetings
  • You have to nag, yell and fight with your kid over homework everyday
  • You are angry about the bad grades
  • You feel guilty over yelling or losing control

You don’t want this to go on anymore.
 You know your child can do better and achieve more.
 You want to help your kid realize their full potential.
 But you're stuck. You don't know what needs to be changed.

Imagine if instead:

  • Your child does homework and attend school meetings without being asked
  • Your kid loves to learn and strives to do the best
  • You can enjoy a calm, peaceful and happy home
  • Distance learning becomes easier and stress-free

This is not just a dream.

Dealing with work at this time is stressful enough.

You don't need the added burden of homeschooling.

In fact, you don't have to homeschool your child.

You can motivate your kid to learn independently.

And your child will gain essential skills to succeed in life.

I came up with ways to motivate kids to learn independently

Using the best motivators according to science

I used to be an unmotivated kid.

Like most children, I didn't like homework.

All I wanted to do was to watch TV all day.

When I was in the third grade, I secretly stopped doing homework.

I hid the school note, so my parents didn't know about this until the end of the year.

That year, I almost failed and had to repeat the grade.

It was pretty obvious that I wasn't a self-motivated student.

But you know what...

Thirteen years later, I received my Bachelor of Electrical Engineering Honors degree from McGill University, and later two master's degrees from Stanford and Harvard University.

I'm not saying this to brag, but to show you that an unmotivated, lazy kid can be turned into a self-driven student who loves to learn.

This happened all because my mom did something very unusual when she finally found out about the missing homework.
(Hint: she's not your typical tiger mom)

The new normal is hard for everyone, but especially for parents, who now have to work, cook, clean and homeschool all at the same time.

Surprisingly, our child has adjusted very well.

I credit this to my mother as I am parenting my child the same way she parented me.

Now that many schools have decided to do distance learning, I can see the frustration from parents.

Distance learning doesn't have to be stressful.

I've created this course to teach parents how to support their kids' online learning in a stress-free way using strategies proven by science.

I hope to make this new school year a positive one for you and your child.

What People Are Saying

I just wanted to thank you for your fantastic advice about how to get your child to enjoy homework.

I tried to make them fun but nothing worked consistently and we have had terrible tantrums and upset from a usually happy child.

Today he became the teacher - this morning there was laughter and fun instead of tears.

Your advice has been wonderful and will make homeschooling easier.

Many thanks from a very grateful parent,


I was skeptical at first, but tried your method anyway because I was desperate.

I let go of feeling like I need to control their schedule, their screen time and their choices.

It works! My kids don't whine and fight with me about homework anymore.

They even do chores all by themselves.

I stopped worrying and started spending more time relaxing with my kids.

I'm so glad I found your advice.

I don't think I would have survived this distance learning thing otherwise.

Thank you!


Your discipline method works!

My hubby and I practice this with our son and he often does exactly as we request.

Our son listens about 85% of the time and we are pretty happy with that!


Instructor: Pamela Li

Pamela is a mother, wife, bestselling author, and the Editor-in-Chief of She helps parents create happy and healthy homes that allow children to develop their brains optimally and reach their full potentials. She also helps parents who’ve had traumatic childhood break the cycle and do it differently with their own kids.

Parenting for Brain serves over 2 million visitors per year, and have content referenced by over 20 universities and governments worldwide.

Pamela’s science-based parenting advice has also been featured in HuffPost, Apple News, Yahoo! News, The Mercury News and Fatherly. She has been named Quora Top Writer three years in a row.

Pamela is a McGill-trained electrical engineer and has received master’s degrees from Stanford University (MSEE) and Harvard University (MBA).

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  • How to motivate your child to learn
  • Best ways to support kids in the new normal
  • Set up for distance learning success


Why distance learning didn't work

How to motivate your child to learn independently

Best ways to support kids in distance learning

How to set up for distance learning success

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